My Story

Xerxes Jewerly was founded by me, Xerxes. Born and raised in Chicago, IL. and currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. The journey began in early 201o. As an entreprenuer, I eventually discovered a passion for jewelry. While not a jeweler by trade, I recognized that jewelry is a form of self expression and often times very meaningful to the person wearing it. The Nichiren Buddhist Daimoku necklace was my first product. It was my 'Kosen Rufu' ; Figuratively, it means to declare and spread widely the teachings of the Buddha*. It was one of my first designs that was welcomed by many Nichiren Buddhists. The necklace carries more personal meaning to the person wearing it than it does for fashion. The Nichiren Daimoku Necklace became my first product launch. I had discovered Nichiren Buddhism and I grew a great appreciation for the philosophy of Buddhism and Nichiren philosophy. Today I continue to create and bring a mix of other items that represent different meaning to those who wear the jewelry.


"The website will carry a mix of personally selected items that carry mainstream popularity and some specifically manufactured for Xerxes Jewelry only. They include our unique twist and added touch OR in some cases, designed and created by Me! I welcome everyone to browse the site I hope to garner your support. Thank you"

~ Xerxes

My Philosophy  - Kosen Rufu

Kosen means to "widely declare." "Widely" implies speaking out to the world, to an ever-greater number and ever-broader spectrum of people. "Declare" means to proclaim one's ideals, principles and philosophy. The ru (flow) of rufu means "a current like that of a great river," and fu (cloth) means "to spread out like a bolt of cloth."

The teaching of the Mystic Law has nothing to do with appearance, form or pride. It flows out freely to all of humanity the world over. Like a cloth unfolding, it spreads out and covers all. So rufu means to flow freely, reaching all.

Just like a cloth, too, kosen-rufu is woven from vertical and horizontal threads. The vertical threads represent the passing on of the Daishonin's teaching from mentor to disciple, parent to child, senior to junior. The horizontal threads represent the impartial spread of this teaching, transcending national borders, social classes and all other distinctions.

Simply put, kosen-rufu is the movement to communicate the ultimate way to happiness and the highest principle of peace to people of all classes and nations through the correct philosophy and teaching of Nichiren Daishonin.

Source: http://www.sgi.org/about-us/president-ikedas-writings/kosen-rufu.html

The Vision

We want to see more and more people appreciate the art of jewelry. The type of art that can better express a person wearing it.

Some pieces may represent a faith. Other peices may represent the person's character. Their strengths, their memories, their loved ones. Jewelry can describe how you feel in a certain time in your life. It can serve as a reminder of a past-time, a graduation, ceremony, or any event meaningful to the wearer. Whatever the occasion, we hope we fulfill that desire to always remember that special moment in your life.



Xerxes Jewerly was founded by Leo Avila. Born and raised in Chicago, IL. and currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. The journey began in early 201o....

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