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My Story

Xerxes Jewerly was founded by me, Xerxes. Born and raised in Chicago, IL. and currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. The journey began in early 201o. As an entreprenuer, I eventually discovered a passion for jewelry. I recognized that jewelry is a form of self expression and often times very meaningful to the person wearing it.

A necklace carries a more personal meaning to the person wearing it. In some cases, jewelry can represent a religious belief, a fashion statement, or BOTH! Certainly a religious symbol can also be a fashion statement that says alot about wearing it.

What ever the case may be, I intended to service the underserved communities where nobody was doing much for what they would prefer to wear. In some cases, these symbols take on other meaning for the wearer. Its always up to the person who wears it and that is what makes jewelry such a special item that is not like any other. Its not a t-shirt or pair of jeans. You can wear this every day as it becomes a part of your life. 

"The website will carry a mix of personally selected items that carry mainstream popularity and some specifically manufactured for Xerxes Jewelry only. I welcome everyone to browse the site I hope to garner your support. Thank you"



~ Xerxes

My Philosophy  - Kosen Rufu

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